Paradigm offers services that emphasize the following:


  • Development & preparation of strategic marketing plans and programs.
  • Key market segment identification plans and programs.
  • Design of overall advertising/public relations strategies.
  • Execution of marketing implementation plans and programs.


All Inclusive Services;

Paradigm offers all inclusive programs which take clients from the beginning to the end with their market establishment. These services are flexible and can be adapted into programs unique to the client’s needs. Under these programs, clients receive a complete package of services at a discounted rate.


Some of our most Popular Programs include;

  • Paradigm Full Service Programs;

For years, these programs, particularly our “Daily Management Program” (see below) have been our most popular. We do everything; from establishing client’s companies in Japan (as a corporation, branch office, etc.), to product registration, to material development and translation and promotion, not to mention numerous other services in between. As mentioned, this program can be adapted to whatever special needs clients may have. Please contact us for further information and we will send a proposal to you.

  • Paradigm 6 Month Intensive Program;

This is our latest program for clients who wish to establish in Japan quickly and more cost-effectively. This program is steam-lined with an intense focus on time management in order to get clients into Japan and ready to do business rapidly. We provide company registration, product registration*, translation and all other basic services within approximately 6 months. Clients can opt for contract extensions or expansion. Please contact us for further information and we will send a proposal to you.

*completion of product registration can vary depending on ingredients and formulas of client’s product.

  • Paradigm Representative Office Program;

In contrast to our intensive programs above, this program has been very popular for clients who wished to take a less aggressive but more methodical approach to entering the Japan market. Paradigm establishes a Representative Office, which allows clients to provide information about their companies and products through email, phone, office visits, meetings, etc. It does

not allow the customer to do business directly in Japan. However, interested consumers could learn about the clients and order through NFR (Not For Resale). This program has often been used as the initial step towards our full service program.


Selective Service Plans;

Paradigm’s numerous services, ranging from corporate establishment to material development and translation, promotion, etc., can be used by clients individually or combined together into smaller packages. Please review this list below of some of the services that we have successfully provided clients in our almost 25 years of operation.

Please contact us for further information and we will send a proposal to you based on your business objectives and the services that can be used to achieve them.


List of Services;

The Daily Management Program:

Paradigm can assume the administrative duties of our client’s Japan operation either on a provisional or semi-permanent basis. With this program, Paradigm personnel become executives and managers for the client’s Japanese operation with the client retaining ultimate authority over their Japanese company.

Under the Daily Management Program, Paradigm can provide a full range of services that includes order taking and fulfillment, customer service, commission payout, accounting and legal assistance.

With our Daily Management Program, we become the client’s (C/S) Customer Service Representative. We can develop and translate collateral material, and establish an information and call-center with interim banking. We produce a Gaiyo-Shoman (corporate profile) and Keiyaku-shomen (Required compliance statement). We also have the facilities to provide a first rate Fulfillment Center.

  • We can have a Call Center with banking operational within one month or less from execution of an agreement. This does, however, depend on the amount of written material professionally developed in Japanese that client’s operation will initially require.
  • Under our NFR (Not For Resale) program client’s Distributors pay for purchases and shipping in advance. Distributors recruited during this phase can be enrolled as S., or International Distributors and receive commissions instantly (in yen) through the client’s Japan bank account.
  • Client’s companies receive needed credibility in this marketplace due to Paradigm’s on-ground, Daily Management Program, which Paradigm develops at hundreds of thousands of dollars less than it would take to enter this market and establish otherwise.
  • Permanent market establishment becomes a smoother and more cost-effective transition, moving successfully through this initial phase.


Marketing Consultation and Formulation of Brand Awareness:

Paradigm can provide consultation and perform market research in order to develop the appropriate marketing plan that best suits the strategic mission and vision of clients. By utilizing client’s existing global strategy, we can create a brand awareness that will best exemplify the client’s mark of quality.


Company Registration:

Paradigm can establish clients in Japan permanently as a Public Corporation (KK), a Branch Office, or Representative office using an NFR mail order operation. Today, virtually all incoming MLMs register as a Japan corporation. This gives the company many privileges and serves as one of the most sincere forms of creditability. We have both talented bi-lingual Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants available who can advise on the best options.


Product Registration:

Paradigm can arrange for speedy approval of a client’s product-line due to our many years of working with the Japanese Ministry of Health. This service is absolutely mandatory for any client wishing to sell their products on ground in Japan At the very simplest level, product registration provides enormous credibility for our clients. It is also the first step towards local production and packaging, which in the long run will save thousands of dollars in shipping costs.


Development of Graphics and Sales Promotion Materials:

Paradigm’s personnel can develop and produce highly effective company materials that address both Japanese tastes and the unique differences found in MLM. Paradigm can develop and produce the following: brochures, pamphlets, applications, newsletters, company policies, legal documents, websites, visual aids such as presentations or videos.



Due to Paradigm’s vast knowledge and experience, Paradigm can provide very accurate translation service catered specifically to Market entry and the MLM industry. We have experience translating and developing virtually everything from audio transcripts to web-pages and technical materials, for example; medical or nutritional text.


For a successful program, we may need to develop, or re-do the following:


  • A quality, color catalog (with insert flap for forms).
  • Current website totally translated into Japanese.
  • A color brochure, DVD, power point presentation (optional).
  • Required Corporate Profile (Gaiyo-Shomen).
  • Required regulations for the back of membership application.
  • Testimonials translated and edited.
  • Forms and flyers, translated (print ready).
  • Individual websites for distributors (optional).
  • As much technical data as can be provided (translated into Japanese).


Later in the program clients may want to produce a complete manual (starter kit). Clients can substantially save on the production of a manual by using a loose-leaf format and incorporating relative parts of their catalogs. Please ask us for an estimate on all of collateral material requirements. We do offer package discounts.


Customer Service:

Paradigm has earned a stellar reputation for customer service over the years. This is due to the fact that Paradigm personnel are acclimated to the unique differences found in Market-entry and the MLM industry. As a result, Paradigm is able to provide attentive and efficient customer service. In addition to protecting client’s legal interests and guiding them through the market-entry process, the Customer Support Office includes our bi-lingual personnel handling information requests and solving complaints. Clients are assigned their own private phone lines, fax, and e-mail. The Customer Support Office is open from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on all Japanese holiday.


Distributor Services & General Information:

Paradigm assists prospects with signing up and provides business builders with the support they expect. We can use a comprehensive program of seeding or distributing product samples and descriptions to well-known top distributors.


Promotion and Advertising:

Paradigm can manage product promotion and sales for clients using a variety of methods. In addition, Paradigm can develop the appropriate advertisement material and arrange for a wide variety of advertisement, including print, poster or television exposure.


Local Production and Packaging:

For product oriented clients intending to maintain a long-term presence in the Japanese market, Paradigm can arrange for production and packaging of their product. Not only is this extremely cost effective, it provides credibility and reassurance to distributors that the product they receive is produced locally.


Warehousing and Order Fulfilment:

Paradigm presently has warehouses that can store product and fulfil orders on a medium level (roughly 15 to 20 ship container-load capacity). For higher volume storage and fulfilment, Paradigm can easily arrange for additional or larger facilities.


Other services include:

  • Headhunting for competent, executive staff including General Manager; we have successfully found highly talented staff for our clients over the years.
  • Locating and equipping properties or facilities; we have found offices and other facilities for our clients, ranging from modest, cost-effective offices to high-end, show case properties.
  • Generating Publicity for our client’s Japanese or International business endeavours; we have successfully created publicity and positive attention for our clients over the years.
  • Event Coordination; we have arranged and coordinated events for our clients, ranging from modest opportunity meetings to major launch events.
  • Accounting Services; we have several competent, bi-lingual CPAs and accountants that specialize in working with foreign companies.